The transformation of all traditional UMG classrooms which are the formal learning space changing it into a standard for implementation of new classrooms all over the campus.

The use of technology applied to education has transformed the teaching methods, focusing on student learning, which forces the transformation of the areas where this process is carried out. What was considered before as the classroom should now be seen as the formal learning space.

This new environment should facilitate the application of various teaching models and instructional strategies, which actively involves the student in the learning process, meaning that these areas should take into account the physical space, the furniture, the technology and the teaching. It should be flexible (using it in a traditional way as well as a collaborative way) easy to use, comfortable, with work technology, where there is easy access to digital information through the internet, where a deeper interaction between student and teacher can grow.

These learning spaces must allow remote communication with other places through videos conferences; equipped to record class sessions so students can see later any number of times and to able to give dynamic presentations about the information.

In this sense, the Mariano Galvez University of Guatemala on the basis of their progressive ideals is turning its classrooms into smart learning spaces, which include: an automation plate, a very short distance projector which converts the traditional blackboard into an interactive whiteboard, a camera for documents, a computer, a connection for personal computers, sound, capacity for video-conferences and for recording class sessions.

All this equipment that helps the classroom is supported by a learning management system. In addition, there are the modern and comfortable desks for the students and teachers that suits their needs. Parallel to this implementation, UMG is training teachers in the use of new information technology and communication for education as well as new learning methods.

This modern and integral concept involves the Information Technology and Communication and Education.

The benefits of this project are not only for the students and teachers of the University, but by using all these tools they have the opportunity to improve their own education, expand and share their knowledge with society and with other experts worldwide, for example by using videoconferencing from any area.

It should be noted that through the incorporation of these tools, a discussion forum can be accessed and a review of concepts can be seen from class recordings, for example.

In addition, students and teachers can access digital information on the Internet and make dynamic presentations with it. One of the software tools within these environments is part of the Learning Management System which keeps track of each class.